Monday, March 4, 2013

Style Stalker

Hello all!
I've switched up the measurements on the blog so the images will now be at 600 pixels instead of 550pixels. only a 50+ change but it just means the pictures look so much better! Let me know what you think :-)

Style Stalker Leather Asymetric Zip Skirt, c/o Cage City
Lookalike Zara Metal Collar Tip White Sheer Shirt, Ebay - £11
Black Wool Blazer Style Coat, Ebay - £28.99
Lookalike Zara Black Suede Stilletto Sandal Strap Heel, Ebay - £14.99
Neon Orange Diamante Necklace, H&M - £9.99

I recieved this gorgeous style stalker skirt from Cage City. Oh my god, it's my favourite skirt. I'm not much of a pencil style skirt, let alone a leather one. The zip detailing and asymetric detailing steals my heart! Perfect with a blouse too, which this one is amazing. It's actually the same one from this post which is the lookalike Zara one. I wasn't feeling the collar tips though as I wanted to be able to wear it with silver jewellery too so James took them off for me. Easy peasy! And I can pop the tips on one of my other shirts now!

This black coat was purposefully bought as my 'off the shoulder' coat. You know, that really annoying thing that bloggers do where they don't really wear their coat, they wear it like a cape? Yeah, that. It's pretty perfect though, it sits very nicely and it has a blazer sort of effect so it's perfect for quite a 'proper' ensemble like this.

Another ebay steal in this outfit is the heels THE HEELS. I was after the zara sandals forevz, and then primark got some lookalikes in that I could never find. Then Victoria posted about these and I clicked buy it now asap. They are so amazing and they are very easy to walk in and it was just love at first sight!

I'm wearing my new H&M necklace that I got from my trip to Manchester with my boyfriend (post on that tomorrow!) and is perfect with shirts like this. It adds a bit of bling on a very monochrome outfit!

I'm getting a new camera tomorrow (AHHH!) And fingers crossed it's the d7000! I'm so excited as I love my camera but after having it for almost 3 years it's on it's last legs and I've been saving for a whole year for a new one - so it is very exciting for me! And the d7000 has video which my current camera (the d3000!) doesn't have so I might be able to do some cheeky youtube videos!

Hope you are all well and have had a fab Monday! :-)

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

#25 Thrifty Thursday - Oh Boy

Long time no blog about clothes hey!
I've been feeling uninspired recently and just need to get my fashion butt in gear basically! I had a bit of a splurge recently which was lovely.

As it's Thursday I thought I would do my Thrifty Thursday seen as I haven't in forever. This top has already made an appearance HERE but it's still a firm favourite.

H&M stripe crop top, carboot - £1
Black Skater Skirt, c/o Romwe
'Boy' Beanie, Ebay - £7.99
Double platform studded suede creeper lookalikes, ebay - £19.99
Stag Head Monochrome Bag, Accessorize - £45*

*I used this bag as part of a segment on Accessorizes blog and gave it back afterwards.

Can I also say that yes. There is snow in the background but no, it isn't snowing. I took these photos as part of a piece with Accessorize, and it was snowing at the time. Isn't the bag FREAKING AMAZING? I might have to cheekily purchase it as I got quite attached when it was in my possession for the few days of photo taking! Its pretty big too!

Take a look at how I styled a few accessorize things to fit with the monochrome trend HERE!

Hope you are all fabulous!
It's March tomorrow - someone please tell me where the months are going? :-(

PSSTTT.. I found this top on sheinside for $31 (so around £20!)
I know a few people were lusting after my batman lazy oaf shirt and it's now sold out almost everywhere - so if you are after a batman print I would recommend this! Would totally get it if I didn't have my shirt. They aren't paying me to say this or anything I just thought I;d give you guys a heads up!

Sheinside Batman Jumper, £20 - CLICK HERE!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Surprise Flowers...

Earlier in the month, Money Supermarket gave a few bloggers £20 each to spend on something. It could be
anything, from a meal or money toward a more extravagant purchase, but with the idea of 'lifes little wins'

'Beautiful' Lilies Bouquet, - £30*

I decided to treat my mum with a surprise bunch of flowers. I don't talk about my personal life in my blog, or even twitter really, I'm a very private person, but at the beginning of January I mentioned something had happened which was a bit of a bad start to 2013 to me. My mum was in hospital, and when I was given the opportunity to do this little project I couldn't think of anyone else to treat! Shes doing alot better now, sporting a rather large cast on her leg though!

My mum used to send me and my sisters valentines cards when we were younger (how sweet is that!?) so I thought, hey, why have I never got her anything for valentines? Valentines is a day of love, not necessarily just for the partner in your life, but friends and family also!

The first thought of where to get the flowers was Moonpig because hey, we have all seen the moonpig adverts! But the price was also the best. £30 and a free card and free delivery on valentines day.

'Why not just buy a nice bunch of flowers from tesco for £15?' ..

you might be wondering. Well, for me, lifes little wins are the surprises you can give to the people around you. And her face when she was delivered a surprise fresh bunch of her favourite flowers is something I will always remember. The cat card was specifically picked as we're a big cat loving family ... we have 3!

The pictures aren't the best as they were taken quite a few days after (and they're still going strong!) so they're slightly crinkled etc, but they still look lovely. With Mothers day also coming up I can see this as being another perfect surprise :-)

Thankyou for letting me take part Money Supermarket, and I guess my question is - What would you spend that extra £20 on?

*Disclaimer: Money Supermarket provided me with £20 to go toward this £30 bunch of flowers. I paid the extra £10 out of my own money. I am not working with Moonpig or are being compensated by them - the service was actually great for the price and I would defiitely recommend them!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Places To Stay In London Fashion Week - Premier Inn County Hall Review.

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been suffering from post London Fashion Week flu! Posts will resume next week and I have some lovely things to talk about and will be fairly busy - but lots of exciting blogger things to include :-)

I was very lucky to have my hotel provided for London Fashion Week by the incredible people at Premier Inn. I'm a big Premier Inn fan. I went to the Premier Inn in Manchester for a night away with my boyfriend last year HERE and couldn't fault the service and convenience of it then, and I can't to it again this time round!

It was firstly a huge relief to know how close to Somerset House it was. Last year I stayed with my lovely friend Hannah who was so sweet to let me stay for a few days. She lives around an hour away from Central London on te tube. Which is of course do able, but with the madness of fashion week I was absolutely shattered at the end of each day knowing travelling back to my 'home' for the day wasn't as quick as I'd like it to be!

They put me up in the Premier Inn County Hall. Right next to The London Eye, not only is it a five minute taxi ride (which I rode in most days due to laziness and convenience!) but if you do decide to walk it is quite a gorgeous walk. Just a walk around a roundabout and you're straight onto the bridge and the most incredible view ever. I wish I had taken more photos of the views around as it really is quite unbelievable, but I was fairly busy and it completely slipped my mind! I have it photographed in my memory of course - which is always the best way! If you want to get the tube however, Waterloo station is your best bet, and is a quick ride to Temple, which is the closest stop to Somerset house (I think!)

I was also very kindly given free wifi and a breakfast buffet each morning. This was an absolute godsend as fashion week is madness food wise and it's very difficult to fit food in! I always filled up more than enough for breakfast AND lunch because it was a buffet, which was amazing! The wifi was also very fast and was so much better than I expected it to be, which was great for blogging as I blogged the whole time I was there! But it is actually only £3 for a whole 24 hours which is easy peasy and super cheap and you can pay via paypal too which I thought was great as not everywhere offers paypal!

My room turned into a little bit of a fashion sanctuary. I had a bath nearly every night and relaxed watching tv and blogging. The staff are literaly the nicest people ever, helping me with my bags, sorting with settling in - just everything you want in a hotel. It was busy-ish whilst I was there but there wasn't much of a wait at reception and for breakfast as I thought there would be!

I was also sent these Estee Lauder products to see me through London Fashion Week from Estee Lauder. The night repair creams and lotion were godsends to make me look more awake! And I am a no fuss nail varnish girl so a understated natural pink colour was perfect. Thankyou Estee Lauder! <3

Estee Lauder Advanced Eye Serum Infusion | Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair | Estee Lauder Nail Varnish in 'Ballerina Pink' (Released in March) c/o Estee Lauder | Marc Jacobs Daisy c/o my boyfriend! <3

Thankyou so much to everyone at Premier Inn Inn for offering this to me - I don't know what I would have done without such a relaxing stay and great location! If you guys are wanting to go to London Fashion Week in September then I honestly could not recommend Premier Inn County Hall enough!

I've actually booked myself and James for another night away in Manchester for tomorrow - yay! And in the same Premier Inn I booked last time haha, so I can't wait to show you what we get up to. It's our belated valentines night away as he was in Morocco (and had a fab time I'm so jealous!) so it will be nice to have a night to ourselves!

Thanks for reading guys, Thanks to Premier Inn & I hope you are all well!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

London Fashion Week Day 5 A/W13

Na na na na na na na na baaattmaaaannn!
It's been a while since I bought this shirt. I've been dying to show everyone but I have waited till fashion week for the perfect opportunity!

Lazy Oaf Batman Shirt, Asos - £65
UNIF Black Hellbounds, Christmas Gift Via Nasty Gal
Matching Sunshine Yellow Laces, Ebay - £1.99
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £37.99

I am a huge batman fan. who isn't? you have to be fairly brave to wear this outside of somewhere like fashion week, as people STARE. People walk past saying 'batman!', and you definitely will not go unnoticed. Usually, I'm not fussed. But I once wore this to meadohall and realised just how un ready Sheffield was for a bigh bright massive batman shirt!

I couldn't not pair this with my unifs and some yellow laces I specifically bought from ebay! This is one of my favourite outfits ever and am glad I waited until fashion week until I wore it 'properly'

The last day was basically a rushed mess. I was at Somerset house to say goodbye to my friends and get some last minute shots of the area, until I grabbed a taxi and said bye to my hotel at the premier inn and the london eye (which is right on the doorstep!) and set off home. I had a lovely journey back and seeing my little sister at the train station to help me with my bags made me feel like crying. I don't tend to get homesick, I'm good at adjusting to most surroundings. But I did end up missing home.

London, it's been amazing. And to all of you who stuck with me and kept up with what was going on - thankyou! You guys are the reason I ca do things like fashion week. Meet the people I meet, see the shows, experience London - it's incredible. Thankyou to the incredible people at Premier inn for a hotel so close to Somerset house too, which made getting there and back everyday an absolute dream. And also the staff who were so lovely and made my morning!

I may not be blogging to frequently over the next week just so I can adjust to everything I've missed whilst back here in good old Sheffield!

Much Love always! xoxo

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