Thursday, November 29, 2012

#19 Thrifty Thursday - Wool Shorts

I first fell in love with knit wool shorts when I saw them in topshop. I don't know what it is about the colder months, but it seems to be the perfect excuse to get your knit on, whether it be jumpers, hats, skirts - it's everywhere!
I picked up these shorts from a charity shop quite some time ago now. They were of course an absolute steal at £2.50! They are originally H&M, and to my surprise even further they are a UK size 4. Yeah, I didn't realise many shops did 4's either! I was wary they probably wouldn't fit me as I'm nowhere near a 4, but cause they're elasticated they are fine!

H&M Grey knit wool shorts / knickers, charity shop - £2.50
Black crop shirt / blouse, c/o Bows and feathers
Double platform studded creepers, ebay - £19.99
Black knitted turban, c/o missguided

Get 15% off bows & feathers, use the code SWFBOWS15!

When I recieved this crop blouse I knew I wanted to team the two together. The blouse is perfect in every way possible. I love cropped things as they fit hand in hand with high waisted bottoms (which are my favourite<3) and it looks amazing with my romwe skirt too! The leather look collar makes it a little *different* too. I love shirts and blouses but think they're all samey samey atm so having a crop one was a dream come true ;-) I've been after the perfect knit turban forever. First scoured ebay and only just missed out on a black topshop one. Went on ASOS and they only had orange and grey left.. and then missguided answered all my prayers (yet again!) I'm a bit of a turban fanatic atm, and it's perfect because it's knit so it's nice and snug!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Figure 8.

I feel a little annoyed that I am constantly blogging black outfits. It's like summer dissapears and so does any colour in my wardrobe?
I'm so sorry, I don't know if it is cause I'm ina style rut or what but hey ho.

Floral Doc Martens Lookalikes, OASAP - £60.84*
Faux leather vintage shorts, ebay - £30
Thirty Four Disciples Mesh Harness body, c/o RARE
John Lennon style round sunglasses, ebay - c/o ZEROUV
Black knit beanie, carboot - 50p
Skull & daggers necklace, c/o tentative decisions

* These boots were partially paid through a voucher for free and partially my own money

This body is so fierce, I have an obsession with all harness - esque clothing at the moment, which has made me ask for the coveted UNIF harness dress for my birthday, which a steep pricetag! I doubt I will get it but a girl can dream! I've also asked for some Hellbounds in either black or red but again - it's all a dreeeeam! It is my birthday 2 weeks after christmas though (I'm going to be 20 someone kill me now!) so hopefully I will have *something* Unif to add to my collection!

I also found my black beanie hat omg I have missed it so much. I'm one of those people that get attached to things, and this fits just so perfectly and was such a steal, that I felt really lost without it. I find that with alot of my vintage stuff because it's so 'one off' that its pretty irreplaceable, so I try and look after it as much as possible, which is probably why I don't wear it as much anymore!
I literally love these lookalike floral doc martens. I've wanted floral docs for as long as I can remember and the price tag is around £75+, so when I saw these on OASAP it was like fate! Perfect for winter aswell cause winter boots seem to be all samey samey and I really miss the floral print now that it's colder and gloomier.

Also I know I have ladders in my tights - please don't judge me ;-)

P.S. I recently instagrammed about the Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson Sweater lookalike on romwe I ordered. It was out of stock but it's back in now HERE- but hurry cause it's already come out of stock twice already!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Winter Coat.

On my blog, I like to think of it as a creative space, and sometimes I don't like to wear things that are just standardly a/w. However as it is super freezing, I thought it was about time to wear something a little more weather appropriate!

Faux fur drape coat, c/o Warehouse
Black dress, H&M - £9
Finsk wedges, gift for christmas

Warehouse sent me this coat and I have to admit that it is the warmest coat I have ever worn. There is the softest most snuggly material on the inside, and the faux fur collar lining is so gorgeous.
I wore my finsk wedges and I really miss them. I think when I get a new pair of heels I overwear them to death, and forget about my older shoes which I use to love. I actually got these two christmases ago, and were my first proper pair of 'killer heels'. They are the easiest shoes to walk in (surprisingly!) and I always get comments on them when I wear them. They're just so different to all the standard shoes everyones seems to own like Lita's etc, so I think I'll make more of a conscious effort to wear them! After wearing sky high shoes and getting even bigger, the 'small' wedge on this just felt too little.

I'm not sure whether to darken my hair - it's getting lighter and lighter but you guys seem to really like it haha!
Sorry for the poor lighting - I'm really stressing about the weather as I really want to blog as much as I can and have so many new things to show but its getting harder and harder!
Hope you are all well! :-)

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry I didn't do a Thrifty Thursday yesterday - did you SEE how windy it was? I'm a 5ft girl and nearly got knocked over several times!

I thought I would do a post about Bloglovin', which I've started using religiously for a while now. At first I used google reader, until blogger decided to just change the dashboard and make things mega complicated. I've found a ridiculous amount of amazing blogs through just having a browse of upcoming and popular blogs on there already.

I find that alot of blogs can be quite cliquey, in the sense that there was a while where all I knew were UK blogs, which as great as they are, means I missed out on other great blogs. Probably the greatest thing is how different the style, climate and general feel of blogs around the world are from UK blogs.

I will be posting later on today as I feel bad for not posting yesterday - but it won't be thrifty (I have an exciting one next week though!)
If you don't already follow me on bloglovin it would be amazing if you did, and spend a sunday afternoon just browsing like I usually do.

Much Love

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get high, love a bunch of girls.

It's a fairly quiet week this week, so I've mostly been sorting stuff for youwearfashion, popping to dunelm mill to buy various things such as fabric glue and buttons. I'm trying to get it all done this week as I'm in Manchester next week two days in a row for various things - which will probably tire my out for the rest of the week!

Skeleton hands crop black tee, c/o ROMWE
American Apparel Black Disco Shorts XXS, c/o vouchercodes
Neon knit slouch beanie, ebay - £5.65
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Double platform studded creepers, ebay - £19.99

I wore this to dunelm mill and I am fully going to admit this was genuinely just stuff I threw together which I could find cause I have the worlds biggest floordrobe. I wanted to wear my disco pants with a different tee and my black beanie. But I can't find my disco pants or black beanie and god knows where my £3 primark sneakers have dissapeared to! I need a proper wardrobe sort through because it's getting beyond ridiculous!
However I really liked the outfit so asked James nicely if he could take photos after we got back, which by then the wind started to go crazy and so excuse the mess that is.. well, everything going on in the photos!
The lighting also kept changing but HEY I tried.

The top is probably getting on everyones nerves because it's ALL OVER the lookbookersphere (is that even a word idk) and is the bestseller on romwe which is currently my favourite place ever at the moment! I couldn't resist getting this as LUA wore this aazingly and she is a babe and to pay homage to her I whipped my creepers on - but I have to face the fact I will never ever ever be as cool as her -sigh-
First time you have seen my neon beanie since fashion week, where I well and truelly overdid it and will now always be remembered as that girl who wore the neon beanie. But HEY I still love it and it is so comfy and perfect and brightens up this all black ensemble.

My hair is getting a little on the ginger side so I might redarken it with brown dye but I'm unsure as I really like it - but as the weather darkens I think maybe so should my hair? Don't worry I'm not getting rid of it - just darkening it for a more subtle ombre like it was HERE.

I've also updated my About me & FAQ pages guys so please take a look if you have any burning questions! :-)

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

'Oh Kavita, where are you?'
Well my good friends, I am (or was) in a warehouse which is very run down and probably not stable. It is right across from the big Tesco where I live and is very hidden, but easy to get to so whilst me and James popped to tesco I just thought 'Hey, lets get off my boring street and find a nice backdrop'

And I'm glad I did because this whole outfit is too amazing to be shown on a boring street.

Black Milk Lookalike Cosmic / Galaxy print bodycon dress, c/o Romwe
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided
Faux Leather gold studded jacket, c/o Missguided

I was very fortunate enough to get to do an exciting photoshoot (wow I've mentioned this is my last 3 posts now haha!) with some lovely bloggers at Missguided, and got to take away a few items that we wore. I don't think anyone can deny that this Leather studded jacket just screams kavita, and it is so nice on!

The Galaxy dress is me getting one step closer to owning anything remotely like Black Milk clothing. If you haven't heard of black milk just click on their name. Right now. Your purse will hate me later for it though ;-) Anyway, I saw this dress on Romwe and thought ooooh go on then, after I saw a few lookbookers wearing it - and I am so shocked at how good the quality is! It's not the same as this galaxy dress from black milk, but its close enough!! And only $42 - which is only £26!!! I'm not going to lie, this dress is massive on me (it's one size only aswell - boo!) and I would say it's probably an 8/10 maybe I dont know I am awful with sizes! I actually pinned it in this photo but it's still large on me! I love it though, its very show stopping! I am actually hoping to get the genuine Black Milk cosmic leggings off my mum for christmas - so fingers crossed I will be all galaxied up! ;-)

And finally. These are my new favourite shoes. Just would like to thank Missguided for making my dreams come true (and seriously I'm not joking!) After seeing Sara who works there and is also one of my favourite bloggers, instagram about these gorgeous shoes, I went on the website and popped them on my wishlist. The amazing thing about these shoes is how they look very similar to the UNIF hellbounds (also another thing on my christmas list!) But actually IDENTICAL to Jeffrey Campbells own lookalike version of the hellbounds.. The Big Lita.

Guys, these shoes are not only massive (yay for us little uns'!) but they are hella comfortable. These even beat my - dare i say it? - coveted faux spike daisystreet litas!!

Sorry for so much rambling, and sorry everything is c/o
I love everything altogether and just thought it looked fieeeerce!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The edge.

Hello everyone!
I've had a crazy week with so many exciting things - I took part in an amazing photoshoot / styling day with the amazing guys at Missguided , which not only were they very accomodating and a huge laugh, but they also made all us bloggers customised hangers. SERIOUSLY!

Anyway so I have been quite overwhelmed with everything but managed to get a few lovely pieces from You Wear Fashion on our ebay store!
I have a few accessories including collars, rings and phone cases to go up on our etsy store and when thats all done I can finalise the official website, which has more info about custom orders and just what it's all about.

Just thought for now I would show you my *favourite* piece which is this pink dip dye jumper with studs.

Pink dip dye jumper with studded shoulders, You Wear Fashion
Studded Cap, You Wear Fashion
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita Lookalikes (£39.99) c/o daisystreet
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose

*DROOOL* I don't want to sell this, it's literally perfect. The length means its just like a dress, and it has quite a subtle fade to a darker pink/purple.
I finished it off with my favourite thing at the moment - a studded cap. Of course you can get one from the shop too!

Sorry it's a quick one - but let me know what you think of everything? Would genuinely love to hear your thoughts!
And please like You Wear Fashion on facebook - would be muchos appreciated!!!
Till tomorrow my friends!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

#18 Thrifty Thursday - BLUE.

Hello all!
The weather has been quite nice recently, probably not nice enough to warrant no tights (before a million of you ask if I was cold - please refrain!) but I went to get some coffee and was inside most of the time so it wasn't too bad. Truth was I couldn't find my tights and I was a little like 'meh cba to get changed' but It's okay because I'm wearing a knitted hat.. kinda.

Blue neon knit beanie, ebay - £2.50
Oversized blue mens shirt, thrifted (charity shop) - £2.50
Black Skater Skirt, c/o ROMWE
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita Lookalikes (£39.99) c/o daisystreet
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose

I absolutely love this neon hat although it's kinda smaller than my coveted neon yellow beanie but it really is perfect for that burst of colour in winter, and I didn't think I was a blue kinda girl but it goes well with my thrifted blue shirt. I got it from a charity shop a little while ago for £2.50 from a charity shop. It's waayyyyy too oversized, and there was alot of tucking and readjusting just for the photos, but it's perfect with leggings and I really love oversized boyfriend style shirts. Although the woman at the counter did ask me if this was a gift for my dad - tres awkward!

I'm off to Manchester tomorrow for a special day at Missguided with a few of my favourite bloggers. I'm actually so so nervous, I always feel so intimated about meeting people I follow so avidly online - heres hoping I don;t come across as a creepy fangirl! Which also comes onto a point that if any of you ever see me please come and say hello - I'm usually more excited and hysterical than you and always come across slightly weird - which is what happened when I met a girl on a night out. Truthfully I think it was the drink but it was very lovely to meet a reader and so if anyone ever does spot me just come and say hi and chat about all things bloggy and fashion :-)! It really does make my day (well it makes my whole year really!)

Happy Thrifty Thursday!