Thursday, August 30, 2012

#12 Thrifty Thursday - Oversized Check Shirt

Hello all - hope you are well!
It is definitely nearly over for summer - it's getting colder and colder and I've even started getting back into the habit of taking a hot water bottle to bed every night! (damn you cold body!)
It's weird though, some days are super hot and some days its super cold that my outfits look rather ridiculous! Anyway, I wanted to show you this lovely little vintage shirt I picked up a while back for £1!

Oversized check shirt, carboot - £1
Topshop lace body, ebay - £5
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Black beanie hat, carboot - 50p
Double platform studded suede creeper lookalikes, ebay - £19.99
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35

I really love oversized check shirts - they are perfect with everything! Especially Levi's in the summer (miss you already summer!) I just teamed it with my beanie (I need to stop wearing this haha), riding pants and double platform faux creepers! I also wore a lace topshop body which you can really see, but it was a steal for like a fiver off ebay! I'm not a big fan of showing my stomach off all the time, so wearing the body underneath a crop top would look really good :-)

I'm updated the shop tomorrow - I'm scheduling the items as we speak. I'm sorry that theres only a handful of items (like 6 I think) but I have just been really busy planning London Fashion Week!
It's actually my first ever time going, and it's really exciting - theres lots of things I'm hoping to get to do and I was supposed to be down for 3 days - but it may be 4 days now! Let me know if you're going etc I'd love to meet you all!!! :-)
I also bought some business cards from - will show you all when they arrive! They were pretty rushed, I chose I think 4 different designs, a picture from my blog on the front and just info on the back!

Hope you are all well!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kross my heart.

Firsty, the lighting today was weird. I didn't really have time to take all that many photos as I went off to go to starbucks and meet a friend! Weather was a little strange so I popped a leather jacket over the top, which made me look even more *gothical*
I was tempted to wear this with a beanie but I thought I'd do my hair up as I miss it! I also miss wearing red lipstick which I stopped doing for abit as whenever I'm out with James he hates it cause it a) gets everywhere and b) he can't kiss me, which is annoying if were just out and about together (which is uaually what I'm about to go and do after my outfit pics are takeen!)

Cross print skinny jeans, Missguided - £17.99
Oversized baggy white vest, H&M - £6
Cross arm cuff (adjustable), ebay - £1.84
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, ebay - £35

I absolutely fell in love with these Missguided jeans, and kept eyeing them up for months. They actually ended up coming down in price from £30 I think to £17.99! So I ordered them and they came super fast, and they fit like a dream! Nice and tight, and pulls you in everywhere :-)
I paired it with my oversized vest I got from H&M yesterday - I got it in a size 14 so it was nice and loose. The upper arm cuff with little crosses dangling down is so so pretty, and adjustable! It's only £1.84 which is insane. They also have other versions with spike on aswell.

Hope all is well with you guys! I'm spending the evening watching scary films with my little sister and studding a bunch of stuff (hopefully for a restock early next week!)

Friday, August 24, 2012


Hey everyone - hope you are well!
Apparently the weather is ging to SUCK over the bank holiday weekend! Up here it's actually been okay, and fairly warm, which is definitely a rarity in Sheffield!

'Supermarket' tee, c/o Brashy Couture
Lace Cycling shorts, ebay - £6
Jeffrey Campbell Clinics, ebay - £50
John Lennon style round sunglasses, ebay - c/o ZEROUV
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Vintage high waisted Levi shorts, ebay - £25

I absolutely love this tee I got from brashycouture - it goes with everything and it super comfy! I wasnted to team this with my riding pants but cause it was fairly warm I just wore my standard vintage Levi's and my lace cyling shorts I got off ebay a while ago! I actually got them which are by H&M, buttt you can still get them from here! They are a little different than mine but they are amazinggg under shorts and dresses! and very flattering to thighs which is a plus for me! I teamed it with my beanie (as always!) and my clinics which are just beeautiful!

Hope you've all been well and not been too depressed by the weather!
I've just looked out my window and it's started raining haha - sods law!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

#11 Thrifty Thursday - Primark Suede Pumps

You know when you wanted something for ages when it was in store, and you finally get there and they have nothing left in your size at all, and you trapse ebay constantly looking to see if you get get it, but to no avail? Yeah, that was these pumps. I saw a similar pair from topshop, but they were wayyy to expensive, and then Primark, as the good old gem that it is, got lookalikeys in store for like £4 or something. I'm more of a heels kinda girl, we all know this. But these pumps are just so pretty and elegant, they're faux suede and even the inside is classy! They could definitely pass for zara, 100%. Well I couldn't find them and I forgot ever trying to get them.

Then my mum came home with them.
Brand new, never worn.
In my size.
For £1.50 from a carboot.

Yeah, I have had a pretty awful week, and my mum instantly cheered y up! Infact she had no idea I wanted these shoes, she just got them for me on a whim (and for £1.50 It wouldn't have been a disaster if I hadn't liked them!)
I love that my weeks finally started looking up! And thriftiness has once more prevailed to be the best thing in my life right now!

Lots of love for my mum!
Sorry it was a short one today guys - got tonnes of YWF stuff to get done.
Is there anything you guys have missed out on and been pining after?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Anything could happen

These pictures were taken a few days ago, absolutely love love this jumper I got from H&M a while ago & I wear it over the top of pretty much everything!
I've really been trying to experiment with my style more and be a little more adventurous - getting more active on tumblr has definitely left me super inspired!

Chunky knit black jumper, H&M - £7
DIY Vintage Levis, thrifted - Clothes swap (technically free?)
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Celine Lookalike Clog / Wooden Wedge platform, ebay - £30
Large circle sunglasses, ebay - £6.39

I went to Cleethorpes Pleasure Island today which my cousins and little sister which was really lovely. I'm very much an adrenaline junkie - I love the crazy scary rides and although it's more of a poor mans Alton Towers, I really really do love Pleasure Island as I've been coming here since I was little :-)
I really love getting into TV shows, and after having a crazy catchup session with Gossip Girl recently (all of season 3) I wanted to get back into something *new*
I've always wanted to get into Pretty Little Liars, and watched the first 3 episodes last night - I LOVED IT!!! I can't wait, and not just that but Lucy Hale is an absolute BABE which helps!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hanging on

Hello all, how are you?
Practically live in this tribal cardigan I got off ebay in summer. I'm ALWAYS cold, so I constantly have to have a hoody or jacket in my bag to carry around just incase!

Tribal knit chunky cardigan, ebay - £16
Topshop zip turquoise vest, carboot - £1
DIY Vintage Levis, thrifted - Clothes swap (technically free?)
Peace & Cross Necklaces, 99p each (HERE & HERE)

This is just a quick one today - James has gone on holiday for 2 weeks and I'm trying to get used to being at my house all the time, as I spend lots of time at his. I've ran alot of errancds today as I've dyed my next batch of YWF stuff and am just waiting for my studs to arrive - I ended up paying £33 in customs charges (!!) because I buy them wholesale (about 2,000 studs altogether!) and they're from America. It still ends up being the cheapest even with the american postal charges and chustoms - but its so annoying
Hope you're all well!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

#10 Thrifty Thursday - Don't bother angel.

Wow, I thought when summer came I would be a super big frequent blogger because I absolutely LOVE summer fashion - but turns out I've been a bad blogger once again!
I'm quite proud that I haven't missed a Thrifty Thursday yet (touch wood!)

H&M Faux leather kahki biker jacket, carboot - £3
H&M Blue vest dress (worn as top), H&M - £3.99
Vintage high waisted Levi shorts, ebay - £25
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
Celine Lookalike Clog / Wooden Wedge platform, ebay - £30

I absolutely LOVE this faux leather biker jacket by H&M. I'm one of those people at carboots that rarely haggles, and especially when it's something like this jacket which is worth a million times more, I had to snap it up asap!
The khaki/olive colour is a hard colour to pair. I'm not gonna lie, after I brought it home I was a little like 'oh' when I realised my wardrobe didn't realy do anything for this!

I teamed it with my new H&M vest dress (my favourite style atm!) and the bright cobalt blue colour is sooooo pretty. It's only £3.99 and they have a turqouise colour - and they have 3 for 2 on tonnes of these 'basics' right now. Love love love h&m!
I also added my beanie cause ya know, it never leaves my head these days!

Any ideas on how to team this jacket with stuff would be muchos appreciated!
Have you been thrifting anything this week? :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Faux / Lookalike Double Platform Stud Creepers

Hey everyone! Hope you are well!
I just wanted to dedicate a whole post on these beautiful creepers which I finally decided to buy! After much 'uhming' and 'ahhing' over wether creepers were a little too overdone and grungey, I clicked the buy it now button ans they arrived just 2 days later!
Creepers have been super popular for ages now, and although I wanted the original TUK branded creepers, I thought £20 lookalikes off ebay were a little more realistic!

(other styes available HERE, HERE & HERE)

When choosing a pair, I thought the studded ones actually made them look 'realer'! They literally have tonnes and tonnes of different styles on ebay, but I thought black would be the safest to go with as it goes with everything :-)
I chose the 'double platform', for the pure reason I wanted the extra heaight! With double platform you can't get as any different designs, but they look much crazier haha! I don't think it's overly obvious that its a double platform (unless you compared it to single which I can't do obvs!)
They are definiely very comfortable, as for fit I'm not very good at guaging this, but they are fairly loose, so wear fairly thick socks! But otherwise they are true to size! They are not heavy like genuine creepers so are easy enough to walk around in :-)

I think they will look lovely teamed with shorts or riding pants and a nice knit beanie!
What do you think of Creepers? whcih colour should I get next? EEEE!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

#09 Thrifty Thursday - Creepin

Hello Everyone! Hope you are well!
I can't believe how sunny it has been recently, seriously - and I've heard down in London it's even hotter!
I've had Olympic fever too which is probably to do with the fact Yorkshire has done ridiculously well - especially fellow sheffielder Jessica ennis!

Primark neon yellow oversized vest / dress, carboot - 50p
Black beanie hat, carboot - 50p
Double platform studded suede creeper lookalikes, ebay - £19.99

So I went to the carboot Sunday (surprise surprise) and was so happy to find this oversized vest dress! It's a gorgeous light neon yellow in a drop arm hole style with a racer back - my perfect style of vest! It's so comfy and light (and slightly see through lol woops) and the beanie was 50p and sits perfectly on my weird tiny head.
I also got these creepers recently which I'll talk more in depth about in their own post but voila! The dress is my favourite find of the year so far I think - its just so versatile!

Sorry for posting this fairly late and being crap - I went to meadowhall today and had a little bit of a splurge. And when I mean splurge, I mean getting essentials such as pants, bras and hoodies haha!

Hope you are all well!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peace Out.

Todays weather was so strange - rainy one minte and boiling the next! I'm so hesitant to go crazy with summer fashion with shorts and bare legs because the next time you look it will be raining!
I haven't really been up to much other than working on my youwearfashion stock (restocked last week take a lookie!) with some of my favourites being sold. It's always really depressing selling things that I took so long designing and making!
I feel so bad that I have been quite inactive blogging wise! I have been keeping up to date with my tumblr though if you would like to follow me - I find it so inspiring to think of ideas with how to wear certain things etc!

Peace dress, worn as top - £8 c/o popcouture
Beanie hat, carboot - 50p
Cross double ring, ebay - £1
Snake ring, ebay - £6.40
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, ebay - £35
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35

Also absolutely love this beanie hat! Thanks to the gorgeous Lua from lookbook, I've decided to rock it, even thoguh it's not my 'usual' style. I don't know if you've noticed.. but I dyed my hair! I darkened it further down so my ombre is only really on the tips! Do you like it? I actually prefer it so mch. It makes my hair look longer and isn't as in your face. It fades much nicer and I just love it so much!

Hope you guys have had a good weekend! Me and James are FINALLY going to see Batman tomorrow as its the only time we've both had off, can't wait!