Sunday, March 13, 2011

#026 Share Sunday

1. The picture is my shattered state as I just got back from work and I'm in my pj's haha, life of a fashion blogger isn't always glamorous ey ;)

2. I took a week break from the blog and I feel like I may need a little longer. I've actually decided to get rid of my usual 'Wednesday Wishes' posts as I genuinely hardly ever buy things brand new anyway, and I can't keep up with 2 regular postings a week, so sorry about that guys!

3. I know so many other bloggers have said it already, but it would be incredible if you could donate any money you can spare in aid of the recent earthquake in Japan. I don't really need to go into how devastating it is as you will all be aware, but they really need all the help they can get right now.

4. Not much else to say other than tiring weekend at work, but am going out next fri and saturday so will be even more shattered, but it should be fun. I'll try get an OOTD up in the week, but again sorry guys. I'm pretty much fed up of everything internet related, just need to relax!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

#025 Share Sunday

1. I've been getting very disorganised with, well, everything at the moment. I need to just have a couple of days off just to get my life together, but with lots of coursework deadlines at sixth form and work taking up my weekends, it seems like It's just not going to get any better :/

2. Been quite ill this weekend, so work has been a pain to get through. Moan moan moan, wah wah wah.

3. Received some lovely things in he post that I a very excited to blog about, so I need to fit that into my timetable to take some OOTD's but it should be worth it I hope.

4. I'm feeling really uninspired at the moment and I'm trying to keep this blog going with as much enthusiasm as I can but its genuinely getting so difficult. I was considering taking a blogger break, but I feel like I owe you guys to post as regularly as I can. After all, I'm almost at 1500 followers(!!!!) and I don't want to let people down. But then again blogging is starting to become this big chore, and I don't want it to be that, I want to enjoy it again. Hmmph, I'm not sure, I guess I'll just see how I feel!

5. I've deactivated my Facebook for abit and it is the most therapeutic thing in the world, honestly. I'm only doing it for a week or so to get al my coursework stuff out the way, but genuinely means I don't just sit there chatting to people and go on it for no reason .. big stress reliever!!

6. I'm wearing fake eyelashes in this picture, which I never really ever do but have been when going out etc. They were ones I got in the look goodybag, by '' What do you think? :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I actually spoke about this dress via twitter in that I won it for £3.50. It was just described as 'asos smock dress' and the picture was genuinely awful, I only really wanted it because I saw the crushed velvet and peter pan collar, but didn't think it would look as lovely as this in person..

Asos smock dress, ebay - £3.50
Mirror necklace, matalan - £1.80

It's actually a dress from the asos petite collection, and there are some on ebay for £18 here if you want to take a lookie. Mine is a size 6, and I'm usually an 8 or occasionally a large 6 but because it's very loose it fits anywhere up to a 12 really. This dress so reminds me of the much loved TBA dress except you know.. cheaper and more realistic. Although I'm still unsure where I would wear this dress, but for £3.50 I can genuinely afford to just leave it chillin' in my wardrobe. Very satisfied.

I was stuck as to shoes to wear and because this is a cheating OOTD as I didn't wear it anywhere it was just for your benefit, I decided I'd go barefoot. And to be fair people on my street think I'm abit weird anyways with my sister taking pictures of me all the time, let alone wandering barefoot. But there you go. Things I do for you guys ey?

I'm wearing my mirror necklace I got in the matalan sale a while back and I thought it looked really good, and I've done a messy topknot as these days I'm getting a little lazy with my hair, not gonna lie.
My legs are looking super duper pale again I'm not sure why, but I really want summer here asap. It looked sunny yesterday but no, it was infact cold. Hmmmph.

So I may do a guide like my carboot one on ebay, not that I think I'm an expert, but key words and stuff to get the cheapest stuff, cause my god ebay is getting SO pricey these days. So that is on the 'to do list' along with a million other things, but bare with me!

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#08 Wednesday Wishes

1. The dress is so lovely, and I think everyone loves going on modcloth to look at their beautiful vintage inspired clothing. I really want a dress like this to go with some tights I got from topshop last year that I have never worn because they're a little tricky.

2. Ages ago I mentioned an asos canvas bag and this is basically it only smaller. I love the palette and think it would look so good with everything in my wardrobe (and with my bags breaking left right and center I need a new one pronto!)

3. I used to have hello kitty and duck ear buds but both broke and now use some really short ones, meaning I have to put my ipod in my bra when walking around. And it's cold. But I want these cute ladybird ones cause they're very kitsch and quirky and I love things like that.

4. Nowt special, this is just my concealer that I've run out of and need some more. So yeah, it's on the list!

Boring one today cause I haven't had time to want anything but a nice little OOTD tomorrow.. I know right, two OOTDS in one week? I'm getting more organised!
What have YOU been lusting after?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hometown Glory

Today was an 'I cba' day so I threw on what was clean. I also thought it turned out quite nice so here are a few snappy snaps.

Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1
Chiltern-esque satchel, carboot - 50p
Leggings, primark - £7
Belt, primark - £2
Primark chain pumps, carboot - 50p
New look silk shirt, ebay - £10
Robot necklace, christmas present
Nautical brooch, birthday present
Heart ring, sisters

The cardigan is always on this blog but It is literally the comfiest thing in the world. I just shoved on some leggings from primark, and my new look silk shirt that I got for more then half the retail price via ebay. I actually adore it!

Not much to say today, got a few pretty things to show you including this bralet corset top that I got and is aaaaaamazing. Like one of those items that just fits right and feels right and looks so good. I will show you all soon no doubt!

I broke my favourite alexa mulberry lookalikey bag :( I was running to work and the strap broke off. It was temporarily fixable but only so I could hold it, it looks daft as it is tied to the handle bit. So I need a new one. And to top it off I broke my chiltern-esque satchel (pictured) :( The strap has also come off haha. FML. This one is more fixable though with super duper glue. *sigh*

Also, in English Language today we were talking all about language used in blogs etc and it was so weird talking about them... seen as no one knew I had one! And how they don't really know as in depth about like, the blogging communities and stuff etc, it was strange to hear them talk about it so objectively. And she also mentioned the word 'fans' which made me cringe, I don't think anyone is a 'fan' of my blog, I see people as friends and followers. How bizarre!

Just thought I'd try do more OOTD's, even if they're a little boring like this. Expecting some nice things in the post so will update when all that arrives. Hope you're having a nice first day of March (February literally went so fast!!)