Sunday, October 31, 2010

007 Share Sunday

1. This was my face yesterday for halloween.. I was a cat. I wore a velvet dress with homemade ears and a tail. The makeup was my favourite to do! My halloween was alright, but it's definitely not my favourite time of year.

2. And sorry it's late, I had alot of essays to get done etc. I'm sad to say it's the end of my half term and I'm back at sixth form, and I didn't really make the most out of my week off.. sad really!

3. My gap year stuff is going good, I'm still trying to set my gap year blog up so I can keep you posted, but theres alot of things I have changed in my gap year (including the destination!) but I'll let you know when everything is set in stone :)

4. I've also got money worries at the moment, like most people in this economic climate really. I haven't started my job yet, but when I get going and have money it will sort itself out. But my gap year saving is meaning I have no money for.. anything really. Hopoefully the job will make it easier, especially as christmas is just round the corner!

5. Remember to enter my vintage contest in the post below!


Friday, October 29, 2010

700 followers - vintage giveaway!

Hello you amazing people, I can't believe I have hit 700 followers, especially when this belated giveaway was menna be a 600 follower one.. woops. But I just want to say thankyou so so much. Blogging is one of those things that so many people across the bloggersphere put alot of effort into, me included, and it is so worthwhile to think one or two people enjoy it, let alone 700! So thankyou very much, it does mean alot that people take an interest in my blog.

Anyway, onto the giveaway. It's only a smallish prize. I found it at a jumble sale back in August or something for £2.00 and thought it's perfect for a vintage giveaway, and has been sat on my shelf waiting to be put on the blog!

Up for grabs we have a beautiful blue cameo necklace with a gold chain and orangey/red beads, with matching earrings, in a little blue box :) The pictures aren't that great, sorry, I rushed it. But believe me that this prize is very dainty and beautiful!
Please remember that these items are vintage, and as far as I can tell they are unused or have been hardly used. The earrings are CLIP ONS, not for pierced ears, so even people without pierced ears can enter.

The rules, (as always!) -
1. One post per person.
2. It is International
3. You have to be a follower >> To do that, CLICK HERE
4. If you Tweet or post this on your blog (in the sidebar is absolutely fine!) then you get an extra entry.
5. Say 'Enter me' on this post and then let me know if you retweet with a link to your twitter or blog so I can count you as an extra entry.

END DATE: 6TH NOVEMBER 2010 - contest finished!

Honestly it isn't some flash giveaway, it's just something I think the vintage lovers of this blog will enjoy, I always find little gems like this at bootsales and jumble sales, and I want to share it with you guys. So please only enter if you genuinely like the prize, because I want this to go to someone who will really appreciate it, but I'm sure most fo you will do that anyway :)

Thanks again so so much and I'm sorry for not posting as often as I should, I'm trying to get my real life sorted so my blog life won't be as hectic.
Lots and lots of love guys :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

006 Share Sunday

1. I got the job! I will be starting around mid November and working 21 hours a week, plus my 16 hours at school.. pretty much means I won't have alot of time to blog I am afraid. My blog will always be something I put time aside to work on, but obviously Work and school come first, Fingers crossed I will be okay with my time management! Oh, and it's at phones4u ;)

2. However, I am now in half term *woop* and that means I have lots of times to get posts sorted etc :)

3. I've been MIA because it was my lovely friend Ceri's birthday last night and we all went out, and tonight she is having a party, look at me getting a social life! Well, the picture is what I look like going to this party, it's a 60's theme kinda thing, and I'm wearing a floral romper in hopes that the whole peace flower power thing kinda counts.. I'm no good at themes. You'd think I could at least whip out some of my vintage but no, I am just that bad with themes -sigh-

4. Yes I know, this giveaway has been promised for 3 weeks, I'll get round to it haha!

5. I am getting oh so excited for christmas at the moment, it's my favourite time of year and I can't wait to get really into it :) Are you guys excited?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to wear: Leopard print coats

This is going to be a new feature, and I think it's about time I have a thorough post on how I would wear things, what I'm influenced by and where to get cheap versions! I hope you enjoy the 'how to wear' series, and let me know what you think. First up:

How to wear leopard print coats
I'm not going to lie, I've never been a fan. I'm not sure why, but I feel like I'm not a tall leggy blonde that could pull off a leopard print coat, but I still admire the girls who do. I am also against fur in fashion, so the I would only ever buy a faux fur coat!

(all images and links corresponding from Left-Right)

Celebrities who wore it:

Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Fearne Cotton, Mischa Barton, Ashley Olsen, Lily Allen.

- Like Alexa and Kate, teaming the coat with a dark dress in the evening can glam up any outfit, but add that vintage edge to a somewhat boring ensemble
- Mary Kates lipstick is not just bang on trend for A/W, but looks perfect with a leopard print coat, probably my favourite thing to team with one! She also gets extra points for the black bowler hat.. another A/W trend that looks amazing teamed altogether!!
- Mischa braves bright coloured tights with hers, something I would never have thought looked so good, but actually looks lovely! I would say bright red tights and red lips would look uh-mazing together, but stay away from patterened tights with this look, there will be too much going on.

Lookbookers that wore it:


-Over the knee socks look amazing with a thick leopard print coat in winter. A pretty feminine dress breaks away the oversized look of the coat and makes it less bulky looking.
- Trousers and a white tee is so simple, yet looks perfect with a leopard print coat slung on the top for the casual look. Wearing black trousers gives the same effect of wearing black tights, it really adds emphasise to the coat.
- Hooded leopard print coats not only look amazing but they are amazing for winter, it is practical yet stylish.

The high streets -

TopshopLipsyNextVeryNew LookMotelRocks

The ebays -


Overall? I quite like the look and especially as it's getting colder, I may purchase one of these badboys (on the cheaper end of the spectrum may I add) but obviously I'm not sure yet.
How have you liked this post? I really want to start talking about hot and current fashion styles alot more, so hopefully these will be like a main feature on blog. I wanted it to be one of the easy posts that don't take me alot of time, but it actually took me forever getting the links, images and finding good items! But I'll do it on days where doing an ootd is not possibly (bad weather/hairdays)

My favourites have to be ebay item number 4 and new looks fur coat, they are probably the cheapest I have seen too :)
Please let me know what you think! :) And what do YOU think about this fashion trend? Yay or Nay?

Monday, October 18, 2010

I love matalan

I've always thought Matalan was a little bit of a gem. It has some lovely things hidden in store, including this A/W's most coveted aviator jacket for only £35. It sold out everywhere and I had one in my local store, but I'm actually not a huge enough fan of the style to buy it if I'm honest, but I did nip into matalan with my sister on sunday because I have one down the road from me. I found the most amazing things in the whole world.

I'm definitely a jewellery person, and with 70% off selected jewellery at Matalan I was scouring the shelves to find thinsg I loved, it wasn't difficult. There is also a little notice showing you what 70% of £1, £2 etc is, because you know.. I ain't that good at fast math. Here we go -Deep breath-

Birds nest swallow ring: was £5, now £1.50

Butterfly floral ring: was £4, now £1.20

Swan ring: was £4, now £1.20

Scissor pendant necklace: was £6, now £1.80

Humminbird clock necklace - was £7, now £2.10

Hand mirror and bow pendant necklace: was £6, now £1.80

This ring wasn't on sale, but at £6 I HAD to have it. It's a dead ringer for the Alexander Mcqueen Skull ring wth the bow on, and the only place I've seen rings like this that I love are in topshop, at £15 a pop! It's my new staple!

So as far as the sale items go, the RRP of them all is £32 and I only spent £10.95. I couldn't believe the amount they all came to, and at how cheap they were priced! It's basically primark pricing, but the pros of Matalan is that: Not EVERYONE owns the jewellery and they are better quality!
Obviously I'm not sure what your store will be like, but I do recommend going and looking NOWWWW. And if you are not lucky enough to grab some.. I am giving away two of the above items as a christmas blog giveaway (because I wanted you to get in on the bargain!) and I will keep it a surprise as to which ones I bought an extra pair of :)

Sorry the pictures aren't too good it was getting dark when I took the pictures and I just wanted to show you what I got! Next posts are the giveaway and something about the oh so wonderful Aussie. Until next time beeeauties!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

005 Share Sunday

Listening to - Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle
Reading - The Great Gatsby - F.Scott Fitzgerald

1. Oh my goddd I hate photobucket so so much. Basically, I have my settings to bill me automatically with photobucket for the pro account, but it decided not to do it this month and then when I clicked it manually it said I should be billed automatically. Which left me stuck with an ugly blog. It's all fixed now, but it took it's time! Bleugh

2. On a better note I had a job interview on Thursday which I was extreeeemely nervous about! It's for a christmas temp position in a shop and they prettyy much told me I got it and that they may want me on a permanent basis.. woo! I'm still not too excited because they incinuated I'd got it but It's not been confirmed, so still, fingers crossed! But I'm very exccited to have a proper job, and it is the kind of job where I will have to dress in smart attire everyday, like office work wear.. haha! I'm excited to get my fashion incorporated into my work clothes but also worried I'll look like a 30 year old woman everyday. I wil tell you where it is at (if you don't already know via twitter) if I actually for sure get it!

3. I had a little splurge (for me, anyway) at Matalan today and will blog about it asap as it is incredible the jewellery I got. I also had a little carboot trip but we set off at 9am and there weren't many stalls so I didn't get loads but I got a few lovely little bits and bobs. On top of that, I had a minor splurge at Primark on friday and saturday (good grief) so I'm all spent out. But theres lots to show you!

4. It's pretty ridiculous how much I've promised a giveaway and not done it, but it will get done eventually! The beauty post is now being made into an October beauty post cause I have some more things I wanna mention and I've used them in October :)

5. I have discovered the amazingness which is De-caff tea. It may sound odd, but I have around 5+ cups of tea a day (This is no exaggeration ladies and gents) and I always ended up having them around 8pm, meaning I had trouble sleeping.. obviously. But now with my de-caf, I have been sleeping so much better and it tastes exactly the same. I know this is a fashion blog and tea is irrelevant but seriously, it's changed my life.. seriously!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The super duper vintage carboot haul

And the reason it is so super duper is that all of it is up for sale NOW on my ebay. Unfortunately as much as I love each and every piece I got.. I just can't afford to keep them. Money is tight and I'm still saving for my gap year (which is going very well btw!) :) I'm starting them all off at 99p and I will combine postage and all that malarky if you buy more than one thing.

80's style velvet cardigan - 50p

Aviator camel coat - £3 ..I love it so much. Such a shame to be selling, but it has to be done!

Sleeveless cricket vest top - £1

Nautical navy fitted blazer - 20p

Fairisle snowflake jumper - £1. It took me ages to decide whether or not to sell this badboy, but I just can't afford to keep it. It's great just cause most of these fairisle jumpers cost loads or are too oversized, this ones quite fitted!

Nuce/cream blazer coat - £2

Camel suede blouse shirt - 50p. I really really can't believe I'm selling this one but I have a camel coloured blouse x 2 already!

Large tapestry holdall - £2

Floral tapestry makeup box - £1.50

So yeah, get bidding.. because they are genuinely lovely vintage pieces that are really great for A/W in my opinion and what I would be keeping if I could afford to! Hope I styled them okay with the scarves and boots (and new satchel I will show you in another post!) just wanted to show you how I'd personally wear them to give you an idea. I did keep like, 2 or 3 things for myself that I've wanted for ages so I'll get round to showing you those later. Good luck bidding!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

004 Share Sunday

Listening to: Written in the stars - Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner
Reading: Last bit of Wuthering Heights / The Handmaids Tale.
Watching: The inbetweeners

1. The photo is me on friday. I woke up late for sixth form, giving me a lovely hour to get ready, rather than a quick 20 minutes. It was heaven, and is why I look more freshfaced than usual!

2. I've almost finished cleaning my room, and I've been at it for a month because I'm a pack rat, and have had to have a PROPER and thorough clean out of clutter, not just shoving things in boxes etc. When I'm finished I'll be adding all my vintage pieces I've picked up at carboots etc and a carpet, which is something I am in desperate need of right now! Oh and yes you can see mess in the background because that is me cleaning out the contents under the boxes under my bed.. ouch. I keep waaayyyyyy too much crap

3. I'm feeling quite uninspired clothes wise, I get like this at least 3-4 times a month where I feel like I have no nice clothes and nothing looks right, blah blah blah. Anywho, I'm having a complete, and that is COMPLETE clearout of my items and I MAY do it via a blogsale. Most of it is pretty little vintage things, which I think most of my readers would love to get their hands on anyway.

4. I keep postponing this giveaway because I literally have just had other posts lined up.. I hardly ever have this scenario! It will be up I really promise, I just have to fit it into my blog schedule.

5. NOTICED THE LAYOUT? It's not even a big change but I've updated to the new layouts and that means I now have an 'older posts' option and the pages under my header WORK. Yes folks, they WORK. Some pages are still underconstruction (I know, anti climax or what) but the links page is well under way and I would LOVE to pop you on there. Just comment on this post or email me, and keep bugging me if I don't get round to it because I am one of those people that needs constant reminders get jobs done! But it is all going to get done and things will be a little messy on the blog, I'm sorry. But I'm quite proud of myself for getting round to the blog thing.. I think my number one question on the blog was 'WHERE IS YOUR OLDER POSTS LINK?' Well, now you can look through all my older crappy posts at your own .. delight? haha

6. I'm getting more and more depressed at the idea that carboots will be stopping shortly (R.I.P).. and of how my number one source of income for my gap year will soon be gone. It is just for the winter months however, and there is still one smaller carboot destination that runs, but it won't be the same. *sigh*

7. Speaking of carboots, I've just bought a huge bundle of things today and I will post about them tomorrow or tues, depending on how much time I have! But there are alot of beautiful things and lots of things I have had to put on with a heavy heart, as I really wanted to keep them. Alas, the gap year funding sacrifices continue!

8. I have a beauty post coming up soon, which will be based around what I have been wearing/loving in September.. I realise I've left it late but again, scheduling these blog posts is a tricky thing.

9. I've been watching the inbetweeners and I have a love hate relationship with the show. I do find it funny, but it is so overrated that I literally cannot stand when people make references to it irl, and I only get a few laughs out of it at best. I think the only saving grace for me is Simon Bird, who I actually love. But he's also annoyed me cause his new show 'The Kind is Dead' is pants. *sigh*

10. Today it is the 10/10/10! I am quite weird about things like that, I just find it so so fascinating. And that it will only happen again twice more, with 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 and thats it (well, for my lifetime anywho) which is quite bizarre. But thats wy there are 10 things on my share sunday, I tried to expand it and ramble just to make 10 points.. see what I did there? I know.. GENIUS.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

002. Kavita visits London - Camden

After a lovely night at Hannahs, we nipped into Camden, which is just a busride away from her lovely house. Unfortunately, it was raining, so I didn't end up with as many snaps as I wanted.. even if by the end of my time in London I had taken 299 snaps.. haha. But yes, the umbrellas up show that it was a little bit of a gloomy day, added with me nearly getting run over and some strange man talking about my shoes, it was a wonderful way to end my trip to London. We also visited lots of charity shops, and I'll show you what I bought in my next post :)

Headscarf, jumble sale - 50p / Stripe breton top, carboot - 50p / Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1 / Primark Jeggings - £8 / Vintage brown boots, ebay - £48 / Cameo necklace, carboot - £1


Next post up really soon, promise. And I am going to try and reply to as many people as possible in the next week, I've missed reading all your beautiful blogs! But work is stressful and you know, all that malarky.