Sunday, January 31, 2010

You've left me speechless

Hello lovelies! How have you all been? Our school had a table top sale for Haiti recently, and I picked up some uber wonderful things :)

The price? .. A measley £1.50!
I can't believe it! It came brand new in the box. I'm not really sure if I'm going to keep it or whatever, because I'll probably end up losing/breaking it somehow. But It's so beautiful, dontchathink?

It was £1! I'm SUCH a tv junkie, and I watch all the girly trashy crap on telly! One Tree Hill is definately one of my favourites and season 3 was definately the best! All the discs work too, how awesome is that?

Oh and my Lady GaGa tickets have arrived! I'm seeing her in March :) I'm SO excited! Is anyone else going? I'm really not sure what to wear though :(

OH! And I also got a blog award from the lovely Marie-Joanne

Here are the rules:
1. Accept the award posting it on your blog, naming the person who gave you the award, and linking to their blog.
2. Pass the award on to about 15 other blogs you recently discovered and think are awesome.
3. Contact those bloggers to let them know they've been chosen to accept this too.

Okay so I am picking fairly recent blogs I have come across and I'm only picking 6 because 15 is alot and doesn't make it as special! (& I am a tad lazy)
I pass this onto :


Please enter my urban decay contest, It ends tomorrow!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Australia Day! - Aussie event at the rainforest cafe

Enter my contest here!

On Tuesday, it was officially Australia day! And I got to spend it at the lovely rainforest cafe in London with a bunch of wonderful bloggers :) The event was hosted by Aussie, and Hannah ( was one of the bloggers organising the event. I was on her guest list and I got to come along, and it was such a fantastic night :) The other beautiful bloggers organising the event with her were Amy ( and Jenny (
I got the coach (a 4 hour coach may I add!) there and as soon as I came up from the piccadilly tube, I was LOST. Hannah has no signal in the cafe because it was downstairs, so when I rung her it wouldn't go through! I rung my mum who was looking on google maps trying to direct me! It was pretty hectic, but thankfully I found it :)

These pictures are a few of the surroundings the Rainforest cafe! It was great and added a really nice Aussie feel to the place, the gorilla moved his arms and everything! they also had some Aussie food but because I came late I didn't really get to eat much, but I didn't really mind :)

There was a polaroid camera there, and we ended up stealing it for abit! So I got to have some lovely polaroids of me, which is great cause I wish I could afford to take lots of polaroids all the time! -

Milly, Pippa, Ling, me & Hannah.

Me & Hannah kissing the sexy frog ;)

Catwalk outfit & Outfit for the event - Topshop floral bodice - £12 , H&M tutu - £10, Handmade hair bow, Real ballet flats - Katz
My outfit for the catwalk contest was made by me and my mum, it's silver material, a cropped blazer with matching skirt and bow hairband :) It was inspired by Dannii and Kylie Minogue, as the contest was sortof for aussie inspired outfits. and guess what?
I WON :) I think it was just because I made the outfit and put alot of effort into it, which I'm so glad that it payed off!
And what I won..?

It's a red letter days voucher worth £50! I couldn't believe it! I'm giving it to my mum, shes always there helping me with my random trips to London and what not, and she helped make the outfit!

Here are a few more snaps!:

(picture from
Milly & me (picture from / Me & Lucy

Overall it was such a nice evening and I met such lovely people (special shoutouts to Milly, Pippa, Ling, Carrie, Lucy and many others! Sorry If I forgot you!) And we all got a little goody bag each:

Some people got chocolate in theirs and things varied, but I liked my goody bag :) The drink tokens were for the night, and I hardly used mine. I was way too tired for alcohol haha!
Big thanks to the Aussie people there and Hannah of course, for inviting me! It's my second bloggers event and I they are always so much fun! All the bloggers I have met have been so so lovely, and the organisers really put on a good time for everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January Giveaway - Urban decay

I decided that I was going to do a mini giveaway every month, at the end of the month. It's a little beauty giveaway -

Urban decay eyeshadow in "Stalker" and shimmer in "Grifter FX"

These have not been used, only slightly swatched. I haven't used them because to be honest, the colour is just too light for my skintone!
The only rules are:
♥ Be a follower of this blog
♥ It is international, so no location rules!
♥ If you have twitter, it would be lovely if you could tweet about the contest :)

To enter, just post a comment answering this:
What is your favourite fashion or makeup trend coming up for spring 2010?
Contest now closed!
Best answer wins it! Try and do a couple of outfits showing the trends (nudes, parisiennes) through polyvore? Or just posting a few links to clothes that you love from websites like topshop etc. For make-up, posting any collections coming up that you like, or even make-up looks you've seen or done yourself!
Just thought this would get everyones creating juices flowing? It's not a huge contest, but I think my beautiful followers deserve a treat. And I never had a giveaway for hitting 100 followers, this could count? haha :)

Here is a little make-up look I sported recently :

♥ Mac eyeshadow in Earthly riches on outter lids
♥ A light orangey-beige from my 120 palette on inner corners of lid
♥ Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid liner on top and corners of bottom
♥ Colossal mascara on top lashes, sexy curves on the bottom
I would say this look really flatters hazelgreen/brown eye colours, because of the purple in earthly riches. I don't think this picture is very good for showing it ha, so sorry!

OH and my little haul. I got these lovely little items from Panda does makeups blog sale for Haiti. 80% of the proceeds went to Haiti, and I think it was so wonderful that she did it :) I only got a few things -

♥ Collection 2000 - Shimmering glow bronzer £1
♥ Lush - Glitterbug £2.50
♥ Maybelline Colossal volume mascara £2.50
Unfortunately the bronzer broke in transit, but it was only £1, and I just wanted a shimmery bronzer in my collection that was cheap cause I don't really do shimmer, but I figured for summer I'd need it!

I'm off to London tomorrow to a bloggers event! My lovely beautiful friend Hannah (from London--Rose) has invited me and I'm superly excited because theres going to be lots of fun things happening! And I'm off to London by myself again! It was so scary at first but I'm not as nervous now! I'll have to do a full post on the event and my outfit, cause my outfit is one of my favourite outfits ever! I may wear the makeup look I've just shown you up there ^ to it, what do you think? Please enter my lovelies and have a nice week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brogues: Granny Shoes or Vintage Chic?

Brogues are everywhere right now. They are highly sought after, and I am yet to see a pair under £20! You have all seen my black and white brogues, which I bought for a measley £1.50 at a carboot (brand new I might add!), but I would probably have invested around £25 in a good pair. I love them that much!
Flats are the best for casual wear, but you can always dress them up, like emma has done. My rule for flat brogues is to try and mix it up.
You can also get heeled brogues, which I am always scared to come across granny like when I wear them. Here are my pairs:

My grey ones were £5 from a chairty shop, originally new look. They are great to go with pretty much anything! They have a pointed toe, which makes them less granny, and more chic. The brown pair are complete and utter granny, but I adore them! As long as you wear them right, I think brown brogues are the way forward! These black suede ones are perfect for a night out.

Also, If anyone else has noticed the new incoming fashion or worker boots (which are pretty much everywhere right now)I have seen some gorgeous ones in Matalan. They look exactly like these :

And they're £18!!! Yes, you heard right my friends! Get your bum down to Matalan, because they are the cheapest I have seen, and I doubt they will be there long :) I'm not sure if I want them yet, So I have to make my mind up, and fast!

Hope you enjoy my little post lovelies!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The mega christmas haul.

SORRY! It's been a whole friggin week. *slaps wrists* I've been a very bad blogger.
But I have a treat for you.. the Christmas Haul!

And before anyone decides to rip into me : I am VERY thankful for all these presents, I don't claim to be rich, infact me and my family are a family of thrifters. Most of these presents are second hand and I really do appreciate them.

Hello kitty slippers, cushion, mug and calendar.

Vintage teacups and saucers.

Topshop nautical miltary esque blazer.

Photography book.

So Sinful perfume


Pandora bracelet.

Mario kart for the wii (with a pink steering wheel!!)

Vintage cameo necklace.

Killer heels.

Links of London bracelet with two charms


Soap and glory 'Admit it, you want me' set.

Mac mineralized eyeshadows - 'Earthly Riches' & 'Persuasive'

Stunning Peter Pan brooch!

I am so happy with all my lovely presents, I also got money and giftcards for shops, which has all been happily spent :)
And would just like to say, please try and give as much as you can to the Haiti disaster. It's looking at things like this that make us realise some people have nothing at this moment in time, and it is always amazing when people give back. Donate here

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Cameo keyring - Accessorize £2.50 / Yours&mine necklace - Accessorize £2.50 / Heart necklace - Miso £2.00 / Cameo ring - Miso £2.00 / Owl necklace - Primark £1.50 / Pearl necklace - Primark £3.00

These are the pieces of jewellery I bought in the sale :D I want to turn the keyring into a necklace, it's so pretty!
I'm really into pearls and gold pieces at the moment, and pretty floral jewellery. Think It's gonna be a big trend for spring 2010 :)

OH and I won another award ages ago that I forgot to do :) Thanks to ms.gee

1. I am 5ft. Yes you read right.
2. I think family guy is the funniest thing in the whole world, and I would marry Seth Macfarlane because he is so god damn funny. If only he wasn't 36 *sigh*
3. I hate my voice and my annoying Yorkshire accent haha
4. Buy me something hello kitty and I'll love you (L)
5. All my subjects are unfashion related and I really regret it!
6. I don't really like talking about my successes, I do consider myself quite modest in that way.
7. I am an Atheist.
I'm supposed to past this onto 7 others but I am just gonna pass it on to all of my followers.. Because I am 4 followers away from 100, thankyou so much everyone! I really appreciate everyone that follows and comments this blog, it means alot that my efforts toward fashion and other things, don't go unnoticed. And please feel free to email me at any time with any questions at all! -
Thankyou lovelies.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brown brogues in the snow.


I look so mardy in the first picture hah!
The dress is something my older sister gave my younger sister, and she hadn't even worn it so I pinched it (sorry!) The tights are my mums, the bag is from the carboot (50p!), and the brogues are newwww babies! £14 off ebay *ouch!* But I've wanted brown heeled brogues for such a long time! And the heel is small enough to handle distances, and it matches my pretty bag.

And yes, look how beautiful. £17 primark *ouch even more* I was on a spending christmas monies splurge haa! They only had one pair left in my size - If thats not fate I don't know what is ;) They are so punk and not my usual style. But I proper loooove them :D
And can I just say, it was FREEZING taking those pictures. Never again! And the snow was so so thick, I had to do them all next to my door, where the snow was shoved to the side! The things I do for you guys ;)