Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cruise club.

I got my exam results the other day and i was very pleased with them! The best part about results is seeing your friends do well, and i'm very proud of them all. Especially my amazing friend tanith who did ridiculously well!

As i went to get my results, i decided to have a lie in. Instead of getting there for 10 i got there for 11. No one except teachers were around and i did prefer being more alone that with others, just because if i'd of got crap results they'd of pestered me for what they were. I wore this:

Dress - Primark but from a charity shop, Shoes - Carboot, Bag - VERY CHEAP from a carboot!, Belt - Carboot, you'll have seen this on all the posts!!

Then i popped into my local vintage shop (with the crazy priced Suzy Smith bag from the post below!) and found this BEAUTIFUL OBJECT.

It's a lovely nautical esque jumper with a beautifully stitched motif on the front. It has pin stripes on the shoulders, and shoulderpads! Thats not the best part.
it was only £6! And i didn't try it on, just cause i knew i wanted it and it wa a steal. But when i got home, i realised it fits beautifully.

Hope you guys recieved good results and sorry for the extra post on myself. I Promise there shall be more things that just me wearing my clothes. The etsy shop hasn't had updates because my mums on holiday and we are hoping to take in a few things. Please tell me your ideas and what not, i'd love to hear them! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I've been up to.

I've not really had a post about me before, it's mainly about fashion and etsy and what not. Well, On monday and Tuesday, i went to my local shopping outlet (lmao i find it hilarious saying this, but i cannot say the name for you know, security reasons) and the Tuesday i nipped into town.

The monday was just fun catching up with my friend Conor (who reads this blog, SHOUTOUT TO CONOR!) who i haven't seen in ages! We didn't really shop as he hadn't been paid and i was just a tag along (or as i like to think, a fashion guide) for him so we just sortof walked around, got a shake and pizza. The usual. What I was AMAZED by is the new HOLLISTER it has! We actually had no idea how to get in and when we went in it was a sortof cave (with palm trees?) and was all very mysterious. It didn't feel like a shopping outlet anymore and it was amazing! I was abit nervous of taking pictures as the flash was obvious as it was dark (maybe a little TOO dark) in there so thats an excuse for the bad quality pictures.

On the Tuesday me and my lovely and oldest friend Saffy (she will probably stumble on here at some point, so ofc i have to say hello!) went into town to pick me up some tights from primark. It randomly started to rain. As soon as i stepped off the bus it was crazy weather! I found it hilarious that the guys on their little market stands were doing amazingly well with selling their polka dot umbrellas, because of the crazy weather change! Then all of a sudden it was boiling and hot, which made me and Saffy feel much better, just because packing our sunnies in our bag when the weather is rainy and cold is ridiculous. But it started shining so we whipped them out :) I also posted something to an ebay customer and we popped into TK MAXX and TJ HUGHES.

Dress - Primark, Shoes - Primark, Legging - Topshop, Bag - jumble sale (50p!!)
So this is what i wore on the tuesday (Yes, it's the outfit from the carboot!), i was going to wear heels but i didn't. I love this combo with the pumps. Nomnom.

If you've ever heard of Suzy Smith, then you will know the brand has some pretty amazing bags! The red one is £40. And i would give my left foot for it! I never spend that amount on anything, ever! But I'm very tempted, it could fit alot of things in it and I'm the type of girl that carries her life around in her bag! The second bag was a bag i saw in my local vintage shop for £30! What? It's £15 here, and brand new! Eh? are you kidding me?

I had to take a picture of all the amazingly cheap and somewhat tacky stuff in TJ HUGHES. The makeup was crappy but it was still in bucket loads and the collection of bed head and catwalk hair products was amazing and cheap! I really want to start buying them, my sainsburys own brand coconut shampoo & conditioner isn't really doing anything for me!

This week I:
Listened to - Send me on my way - rusted root (the matilda song) :')
Taylor swift - All of them, but especially you belong with me. I've fallen for her!
& Paramore - Ignorance, their new album is gonna be awessssomeee!

Lusted over - Suzy smith bags!
A gorgeous vintage jumper for £6 which I'm buying ASAP!
Cups of tea (nothing new haha)

Firefoxed - Facebooks UNO! It's crazy!
Ebay, got two new items which will be on shortly
Twitter, I'm trying to tweet often. No one cares about my tweets though haha!

I've decided on my blog I'll try and do a fortnightly what i've been up to blog! I'm also going to try and include the little tid bits about music and shops and stuff :) Sorry if you find me really boring..!

More etsy items coming shortly! xxxx

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Make the most of your room - on the cheap!

I am a complete slob. This isn't a joke. My room was a messy messy messy mess, basically. My room is preetty huge and it's not an exageration, so my excuse for it being a mess is that it's just too big to keep clean!

I like having a smart looking room but i also want a personal unique touch to it. I thought i'd blog about it just cause, well.. i was pretty proud of the result (nothing wrong with abit of gloating here and there, heh)

Be thankful I'm letting you show my slobbiness, I'm not just happy to show anyone ;) haha but no.. i really am messy! So when tidying my room, i thought i would blog about ..

Top 10 tips for a clean & unique room ♥

1. Make sure your vanity is neat.

Try and keep as much things off the main area as possible. Keep perfumes on show and have a bag full of makeup and your most used electronical devise (straightener, curler, hairdryer) or even just a brush. Keep it minimal otherwise it will just get cluttered up! If you have more than a bagful of makeup, there are neat storage options to store them available from office shops such as staples and W H SMITH. The basket featuring my lotions and such was £1 from a carboot and is PERFECT! I love how pretty they all look! ^-^

2. Paint something on your wall.

I painted these butterflies a year ago and it's just really nice to know I did it! Make a stencil by printing off the picture and cutting it out, simple really! I also penciled the outline and painted rather than actually using the stencil straight on as it was easier for me like that.

3. If possible, have a seating area

Okay so most people either a) can't fit a whole sofa in their room or b)it's expensive. It was both for me really, until my cousin was going to send it to the dump! I took it off her hands for free and took A WHOLE DAY trying to get it up my narrow attic stairs. We did it finally but it took so much effort and i doubt we'll be able to get it down again. Haha! Try and use anything for seating such as bean bags or on the top of storage.
The pictures that are situated above my sofa are printoffs of my favourite secrets off postsecret. Please check it out, it's and amazing website!

4. Have a cheap tv and videos.

This tv is off my aunt and doesn't have freeview. Oh, awesome. Well from a carboot i got all these videos for 50p altogether. Having a cheap tv and using videos rather than dvds is such a cheap option! I also have a ps2 up there, i'm a total playstation addict!

5. Store your things prettily

Ahh! I love doing things like this! I keep my hair stuffs like curlers and hair dryers in my MACY's bag & my hair products such as heat defence and straightening serum in a cute little ARC bag. I store my bags in a nice basket, really messily, but i think having them on display is better than hiding them away. Plus its so much easier to have access to!

6. Clothing storage?

Ahh my rails. I have more clothes than necessary and this isn't enough storage so my not so nice clothes are at my mums for now. The first BEAUTIFUL stairway rail has my clothes on and the rail behind it has my clothes for etsy with measurements on and such. I also have a full length mirror (full length for my smallness anywho!) obviously, so its on hand to try clothes on and check if they look good and what not :)

7. It's okay to have a messy shelf.

If my room was completely tidy i wouldn't feel at 'home' my messy shelf is great to shove things on and to be honest i couldn't care less. It's near my computer and my computer is where i spend 99.9% of my time in my room, i need somewhere to just, mess up!
Yes, lets all lol at that empty bottle of coke. I cleared it away afterwards don't worry haha!

8. Have your shoes on show (and improvise!)

Ahh my shoes. Having them on show is something i love because i LOVE my shoes! And it's easier to find them! Well the shoe rack was £15 from some place (I'm sorry, I'll ask my dad ASAP!) and I have one seperate for my heels aswell. Improvise where to put things! i store my necklaces on this wood that surrounds my stairs. They don't get tangled and they're near my shoes, so I will be reminded to add accessories to my clothes whilst choosing a pair of shoes to wear!

9. Show off your favourite clothes.

Always always always have a mannequin! Having an outfit you love or even having it to sort out what you want to wear the next day, I would say it's preeetty essential in a girls room! I also use this to style my ebay and etsy clothes! Whats that stunning dress on the mannequin you ask.. my prom dress of course ;)


The wall where the roses are is wooden, going up from my stairs. If any of you watch hollyoaks (I don't watch it anymore though haha) they will have seen that the students house has a hallway with hanging plastic flowers, it got my creative juices flowing! I use the same flowers that are on my table in a previous pictures, i got 4 bunches for £4 from the £1 shop. I cut them into individual flowers and stapled them to the wood. Ask your parents first for doing anything like this though! I LOOOOVEEE the result and it's so unique! But feel free to do the same, it's an amazing effect, everyone comments about it! If you don't have a wooden wall, use blue tack or cellotape to stick them on.

Hope you've enjoyed this blog post and I hope I have inspired you to do your room up on the cheap (or not) and yeah, tell me how you've done! I'd love to hear it! People in the UK have been getting their results for A levels, AS levels and GCSE's & will be next week. Have you guys got your results back? If not, good luck and if you have, congrats!! :):)

love love love love <3
P.S. If you don't have an account on blogspot but wanna leave a comment, we now have a comment box! :) >>>>

Monday, August 17, 2009

It was sunday yesterday. You know what that means..

Me and ruth had the best time ever. That's no exaggeration! We spent the whole day together and i had such a nice time! It's weird when you make pretty newish friends and you feel like you've known them your whole life! We had a massive takeaway, we took pictures for blogs and just shopped at the carboot. We have such similar taste that everything we picked up, we wanted. We even realised we owned the same straighteners, and i mean these arent even that popular straighteners. It gets so spooky sometimes how much we are the same! She got some amazing things so check her out, i'm jealous of everything she got really, but we didn't fight haha. Except we saw a bag we both wanted and i yelled NO! in the middle of the carboot. Yeah. It was so embarassing!!

This is a size 14 and is very baggy on me, but i like that. I'd have to wear a vest with it cause you'd be able to see my bra and you know, i don't really want you to be able to see it haha! It was £1.50 and it is originally from primark and it's my new favourite dress. The pumps are brand new! Have a bow and a gold chain sorta middle and they're a size 5(!) but the woman insisted they were a small fit so i tried them on and my size 3 feet fit them. Woah! £1. I love them. My new favourite (and comfyyy) pumps!

Theres SO much primark stuff sold at carboots! Well this dress is primark (clearly) and is lovely! I think it was £1 or £1.50.. don't know. But its a great party dress and has all the diamantes on (these people at carboots sell very good conditioned things!) The bag i think is primark but has no label, its cute but big enough for my crap and was 50p. Bargain!

This skirt is a size 12 and doesnt fit :( But i will get my mum to take it in for me. It was £1 and when i got it after i was like hmm its abit crap but no way, it looks so cute on!! The bag is my favourite buy. It was 70p? Or something and the woman insisted it was the new fashion bag coming in for 2009.. me and Ruth give her credit for trying haha but i love this vintage baby, it's got a cute clasp and makes me feel like a first lady! (the brown belt is from a previous carboot and omg i wear it with EVERYTHING!)

The grey sequined dress was £1 and its really heavy! It's quite baggy and is very versatile, I could wear it with a range of different things. The wet look graffiti leggings, I'm not sure where they are sold you know but i've wanted some for AGES! They were £2. Both very punk i think. Well.. punk-ish haha.

£1.50. ONE WHOLE POUND AND 50 PENCE! I couldn't believe it. Theyre genuine leather (trust me, the smell is pretty awful!) and they are brand new and MY SIZE!!! Thye're the nicest brogues ever and whats even crazier is that they even have the reciept. I checked and i could actually go to the store and get £28 store credit with the receipt and shoes, but I'm not going to. They're B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Don't even wanna touch them they're that nice!

Ohh i forgot to add these on! These are really cute topshop pumps with a kitten heel and they were a pound. They aren't my size (noo!) but I'm happily going to post them on ebay so keep a close eye guys :)

So my new posts are going to be one on how to make your room 'pretty'. I tidied my room recently (trust me i'm a SLOB and it was disgusting beforehand) and i want to show you creative ways to do stuff, cause i think my room looks pretty unique and simple. And i've got some new stuff coming on etsy shortly! Sorry I've kinda abandoned things I've been out having a life for once! So i wasn't on here much.

Muchos love xxxx